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MIT-AITI announces partnership with Freemont Partners to incubate Promising Students of IIT-B & SJMSOM.
By Newsmaker | News

Mumbai : MIT's globally renowned incubator, AITI, has partnered with Freemont Partners to encourage the development of mobile platforms in India. AITI in conjunction with IIT Bombay and SJMSOM recently conducted a six-week course focusing on entrepreneurship and mobile phone application development. The culminating Startup Showcase is on August 9th on the IIT campus and will feature the work of forty selected IIT students. Freemont Partners will provide the winners of this competition an opportunity for incubation thereby enabling the further development of these nascent ideas.

"Mobile users are expected to drive India's internet growth, as is the case for most emerging markets, and MIT-AITI program enables undergraduate students to be at the forefront of this movement."
-Sriram Emani, Speaker Series and Startup Showcase Lead, AITI

"I have great respect for the intellectual capital generated by the MIT ecosystem. In addition, I have very fond memories of MIT. During my MBA at Harvard, I had the opportunity to take a joint MIT and Harvard Business School class. Had awesome learnings! It is exciting to be engaged with this new MIT-AITI initiative to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and other emerging markets. Freemont Partners looks to help the students at IIT-Bombay who have participated in the MIT-AITI India Summer 2012 program develop their ideas into successful businesses" -Vivek Mohan, Founder, Freemont Partners

In addition to this initiative, Freemont Partners will work with MIT-AITI in India to develop a similar program at other premier institutions as well.

Started in 2000, AITI brings together a multidisciplinary group from MIT to teach development skills in countries where students can create businesses to fill the needs of the local communities. Since its initiation, the program has expanded to top universities in eleven countries with more than 1800 students participating. MIT AITI develops curriculum and networks that enable undergraduate students in emerging regions to create successful entrepreneurial ventures. For more information visit aiti.mit.edu