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Freemont Partners to help shape i-Cube at IIM-Shillong
By Newsmaker | News

Mumbai : With a vision to "inspire, innovate and implement" i-Cube the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIM-Shillong, started in 2010, believes that these are the most important facets of establishing entrepreneurship as a way of life. It aims to create an inspired younger generation, provide them with a platform to showcase their innovation thereby enabling them to implement their ideas.

i-Cube is in its 3rd year of operation and is partnering with industry veterans for guidance in the development of its programs. This is the first year that it has launched an E-Summit initiative that includes a nationwide business plan competition: RevoLu$n whose prime focus is on aspiring entrepreneurs from the North-East states of India. Giving these startups a platform to network and present their ideas to national investors is a core contribution to the development of the startup eco-system in the region.

Keya Sengupta, Director of IIM-Shilong and Faculty Mentor of i-Cube said "Freemont Partners has actively engaged with the i-Cube organized guest lecture series. Their guidance and participation in RevoLu$n has insured that the competition has been launched successfully. We look to their experienced management team to guide and mentor the students that aspire to be entrepreneurs after they graduate from IIM-Shillong as well as providing opportunities for startups from the region to expand their foot-print and think global."

Freemont Partners is India's first Global Incubator and Accelerator, which provides seed funding to passionate entrepreneurs focused on creating IP driven, technology enabled, highly scalable start-ups. It engages with very early stage start-ups at the Proof-of-Concept stage and provides mentorship, strategic direction and access to local and global CXO mentors and partners. Enabled by this eco-system, start-ups are able to validate and refine their business models, products and service offerings and then begin to rapidly scale. Freemont Partners has deep relationships with VCs in India and in Silicon Valley to facilitate start-ups achieve their potential on a global basis.

Freemont Partners' Director Kevin Saldanha said "IIM-Shillong is the gateway to innovative entrepreneurship in North-East India. In working with i-Cube, we look forward to bringing our expertise; global connections to mentors and clients, and seed capital funding to these entrepreneurs. Startups have an opportunity to leverage our vast operational experience as we have grown organizations from inception and managed businesses within multi-national companies with billion dollar P&Ls."